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This aircraft is the new  Following a positive recommendation from the FAA the European Union Aviation Safety Agency hereby confirms the renewed validity of your EASA Part-145  19 Apr 2017 an MRO company subsidiary of Vietnam Airlines, has announced EASA Part- 145 Approval Certificate of Aircraft Maintenance Organisation  AVION Engineering possess an extensive expertise in Part-145 line and light maintenance services and has been certified by the Bulgarian CAA. Following a positive recommendation from the FAA the European Union Aviation Safety Agency hereby confirms the renewed validity of your EASA Part-145  25 Oct 2019 Revision of your EASA Part-145 approval certificate The EASA Foreign Part- 145 Team j-» E-mail: 13 Dec 2018 Nomad Technics AG, the maintenance division of Nomad Aviation AG, has received the EASA Part-145 Maintenance Organisation Approval  Med andra ord har vi sjävklart en egen underhållsverkstad, EASA Part-145 Maintenance Organisation. Medan vår Part-M CAMO ser till att vi följer  EASA-145 godkänd i. Kanada enligt bilateralt EU-avtal. TCCA Form One med dual release i ruta 12+14.

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▫ Can be downloaded from EASA website. ▫ The Regulation represents European Law. Part 1 – EASA Maintenance Organisation Approval Section. → Part 2 – Why RBO . → Part 3 – Regulation. → Part 4 – EASA Foregn 145 Risk Based Oversight  exposition as referred to in Section A of Annex II (Part-145), and.

But where can you find those aviation regulations, such as EASA Part-M o Share your videos with friends, family, and the world -EASA Part 145 requirements (EU) 1321/2014. Is this course right for me? This is a practical application course designed for those within the CAW regulatory framework as well as those that interact directly with CAW from the Air Op and IAW regimes.

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Sinerji Havacılık Danışmanlığı Legislation : EASA Part 145 / Part 147 Supervisor & Assessor Training Skills Development (75.00 EUR) Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development – Public Speaking (42.50 EUR) Regular price of the courses when undertaken individually - 715 EUR. Special Price to obtain your Diploma with SofemaOnline Learning Development = 470 EUR. Executive Review EASA Part 145, Part M (Large Aircraft) & Part 66 – 1 1/2 Days Electrostatic Sensitive Discharge ESDS – 1 Day GCAA CAR 145 Essentials – 1 Day Aviation Maintenance Auditing in a Part 145 Environment Essentials – 1 Day Logistics & Stores Inspection Procedures EASA/GCAA – Essentials – 1 Day Human Factors for CAMO and Part M – CAR M Staff – 1 Day Human Factors and EASA Airworthiness Directives Publishing Tool. Double-click on a TC holder/Type/Model in the Taxonomy panel or drag'n'drop them onto the current filter to narrow down your search. Review of the Differences Between OTAR 145 and EASA Part 145.

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488 om kontinuerlig luftdyktighet for luftfartøyer og luftfartøyprodukter, -deler og -utstyr og om godkjenning av organisasjoner og personell som deltar i disse oppgaver (vedlikeholdsforskriften).

Easa part-145

The Annex II to Implementing Rule EU 1321/2014 and the corresponding Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Materials (GM) are covered in detail. Vedlikehold og vedlikeholdsorganisasjoner for luftfartøy: Part-145 er Annex II til Commission Regulation EU No.1321/2014. Denne forordningen er implementert i norsk rett ved forskrift 7.
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TCCA Form One med dual release i ruta 12+14. OK. OK. Ej EASA 145 godkänd verkstad. FAA 8130-3. the EASA Part-145 approval number. Please note that, after the Brexit, a UK registered aircraft is to be considered a third country aircraft.

TAT Engineering, which specialises in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft heat exchanger  25 Jul 2012 EASA confirms that Turkish Technic's EASA Part 145 maintenance approval was partially suspended on 27 September 2011. EASA says that  10 Nov 2016 Eirtech Aviation Services has been awarded EASA Part 145 (I.145.074) Composite Repair Approval C8 and C20 rating making Eirtech the first  14 Mar 2017 On March 8th, 2017 VAECO honorably received EASA part 145 certification from the European Aviation Safety Agency - one of the important  8 Aug 2016 We have the pleasure to announce, that our maintenance capability (EASA Part 145) has been extended to Falcon 8X.
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Safety Management System SMS för Flygunderhåll PART-145

Part 145 regulates the approval of aircraft maintenance organisations. If you are involved in the day-to-day handling of your organisation’s Part 145 approval, we can help you understand the intent of the regulations and how to apply a more practical approach to compliance and recognise the longer term benefits that come with greater PART-145 MAINTENANCE ORGANISATION APPROVALS – PART 145 Consolidated version of Part 145 (Annex II) to Commission Regulation EC No. 2042/2003, and related EASA Decisions (Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material), as amended Issue: November 2010 PART 145 amended by EU No. 962/2010 EU No. 127/2010 EC No. 1056/2008 Part 145 has provision to use non-EASA licences to support an approval issued in third countries. This is set out in Part 145.A.30 (j) paragraphs 1, 2 and Appendix IV. Certifying staff may be qualified in accordance with the national aviation regulations of the state in … EASA Part 145 - Successfully Applying the Regulation is recommended for all staff engaged in the daily handling of an organisation's Part 145 approval.

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EASA-Part-145.pdf - TAM

EASA NPA 2013-01 Embodiment of Safety Management System (SMS) requirements into. Commission Regulation (EC) No 2042/2003.

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Foreign Part-145 Approvals (MOA) EASA Part 145 – Approved Maintenance Organisations Part 145 regulates the approval of aircraft maintenance organisations. EASA Part 145, similar to FAR Part 145, applies to the aircraft maintenance sector. It is the standards for the certification and operation of an aircraft maintenance organization, such as a repair station, and its employees. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulates and enforces the standards for civil aviation safety in Europe.

Unfortunately, our online application form is limited to only letting organisations add up to 6 types on the application form. In cases where organisations wish to add more types, we kindly request that you submit your application online with as much detail as you can, and then follow up with an email listing all of the types you want on your Before getting into the aspects that show how an EASA Part 145 maintenance organisation recognizes if a product is safe, trustable, and airworthy, you must know that, like every quality system, these entities are subject to an audit plan associated with the Part 145, defined by the EASA standard 1321/2014 for the maintenance of the continued airworthiness of an aircraft. The JAA TO-qualified trainer Bas explains a bit about the group exercise applied in the “EASA Part-145 Training Course”.